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GPS Tracking

Monitor the location of your vehicles at any moment. Through GPS tracking, you can prevent and locate the vehicle in case of theft.


Free support 7 days a week, wherever you are. We are committed to always being by your side to assist with any issues.


"Our partners for connectivity ensure optimal coverage in all cities of the US. Based on your needs, roaming coverage is also provided throughout Europe and other countries outside the USA."

Fuel consumption

Measure the petrol consumption for each vehicle and generate detailed reports on daily, weekly, or monthly consumption of each vehicle. Veriflot significantly reduces the chances of misuse or fuel theft.

Push Notifications on the phone

The dedicated app on iOS and Android allows you to manage your assets anywhere. Through notifications on your phone or tablet, you will be informed about every movement and development of your vehicle.

EasyFlot Platform

Our application gives you the ability to manage your assets wherever you are from your phone or tablet. The platform is developed in-house, and we offer customizations based on your requests.

Monitor real-time movement

Monitor your fleet 24/7 and prevent any misuse that users of your vehicles might engage in.

Off-hours movements

Eliminating off-hours movements reduces fleet costs by up to 30%.


Daily movement planning for your employees or other vehicle users reduces fuel and fleet maintenance costs by up to 47%.

Eliminate excessive consumption and fuel theft

Now, through the use of CAN-bus protocols and highly advanced technologies employed by Veriflot LLC, you will have the ability to see real-time fuel consumption.

Notices for fuel level decrease

You will be notified immediately via push notifications on your phone if someone attempts to take fuel from one of your fleet vehicles.

Optimally manage your fleet

It is no longer necessary to physically check each vehicle for routine services, oil changes, engine belts, tire replacements, battery conditions, etc. Through the Easyflot platform, you will be notified in real-time when your vehicles require routine services, renewals of insurance, and yearly vehicle inspections.
The time and human resources for fleet management cost a lot. Choose Easyflot and optimize a series of processes that weigh on you financially.

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